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GAB SUSPENSION, the most advance suspension system with international worldwide quality and technology proven!
Back in year 1996, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, GAB SUSPENSION is established to create a great handling and traction suspension that is affordable. For the past 20 years together with our engineers’ and technicians’ consistent hard work and effort, GAB SUSPENSION had developed and achieved tremendous great products and achievements.
Today, GAB SUSPENSION is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of suspension components in the Asia region and has more than 1,500 part numbers with high market coverage & availability.
Proven Durability & Performance
All GAB SUSPENSION products are designed to endure and tested with several harsh tests to meet the highest quality control standards.
Furthermore, we brought the testing to a whole new level by getting our suspension tested on the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia and we clinched the MME 12-hours Endurance Race Champion title in year 2003 together with a continual 4 years straight Overall Champion title in the SNF Racing National Series from year 2011 till 2014.
AVCS (Auto Valve Control Stability) Technology
Our R&D engineers successfully developed and produced the first ever suspension equipped with a unique technology; the AVCS (Auto Valve Control Stability) in year 2003.
AVCS is a technology that enables shock absorbers’ stiffness to be adjusted automatically to suits all road conditions and driving style via a specially designed built-in multilayers valve spring that senses and determine the damping force of suspension.
Awards Winning Brand
As being one of the reputed manufacturer and exporter of suspension components in the Asia region, we were awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Award by Global Business Magazine in year 2010 along with the Asia Honesty Awards which consist of Asia Honesty Enterprise Award, Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award, Asia Honesty Product Award and Asia Top 100 Honesty Brand Award by Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation in year 2013 for our excellences.
A Promise Made
Our passion and possibilities are still strong, high and infinite even after 20 years of establishment; our enthusiasm will never fade away!



The main purpose for compact & k-car applications is to satisfy owners who wanted to drive enjoyably, comfortably and stylishly every day. GAB SUSPENSION provides crisp yet comfortable ride on streets and superior maneuverability on winding roads / highways, all of which are not attainable with normal suspensions. By lowering the ride’s height, it further enhanced the compact & k-car’s appearances.


Maximizes road traction, provides solid feeling just like sophisticated sport cars without sacrificing ride comfort are the priority of GAB SUSPENSION towards Saloon applications. With the features like monotube system and cold coiling SAE9254 chromium alloy coil spring, it surely is for owners who want better traction and appearances on their saloon car.


“Wanted to have sporty performance but does not wish to compromise on comfort?” or “Wanted to lower your ride with sufficient stroke secured?” or “Do not want an unreliable shock absorber?” GAB SUSPENSION for luxury car applications is developed to meet the owners’ luxurious needs with lots of new features added that offer more flexibilities and comfort settings abilities.



Developed to be the future axis of sport shock absorbers, used at circuit or on winding roads. GAB SUSPENSION sport performance is sure to give a mental uplift to drivers without sacrificing driving comfort. In order to meet with various situations and to enable precise settings, GAB SUSPENSION for performance sports car applications has lots of great features and technology poured in, offering a superior performance in any types of conditions and situations.


As technology improves, GAB SUSPENSION’s settings are fully reconfigured for each and every wagon & MPV applications from the mini, medium sized to luxury wagon & MPV in satisfying the owners’ ever changing demands. Features like full length adjustment allows wider range of ride height adjustments without affecting the ride comfort which results in a comfort, pleasurable, stable, ultimate low down and superior handling ride.


The GAB SUSPENSION for 4WD pick-up & SUV applications is created through pursuit of both ride comfort on street and off road performances. Bumpiness and roughness are eliminated as much as possible and persistent setting that gives moderate rolling speed at cornering is achieved to fit all winding roads or any road conditions. Completely eliminate the weak point of 4WD pick-up & SUV handling thus transforms your 4WD pick-up & SUV into a perfect balance ride.



GAB SUSPENSION technology can now be directly applied on circuit & track with the creation of the high performance flagship series top of the line shock absorber for the circuit & competition use car applications. Only for serious drivers who are driven to clock a faster lap time, putting everything on line for one hundredth of a second or for one millisecond. GAB SUSPENSION for circuit & competition car applications comes with the state of art performance that offers various great features including the full length ride height adjustment, 32 steps independent damping force adjustment (compression and rebound) and external reservoir swivel tank.


GAB SUSPENSION for euro car applications are developed in pursuit of both sport performance and ride comfort while retaining the unique handling and ride quality that the car originally had; made possible with continual testing done all around the globe. With the precise settings that are backed up by the latest technology and features like the cylinder case surfaces including threading parts that are treated with specially formulated fluorine for outstanding rust protection, euro car owners could easily overcome various road conditions and situations with high satisfactory.


“Wanted to master the real drifting?” GAB SUSPENSION has developed for such uncompromising drivers. To meet the demand of remarkably growing in drifting, GAB SUSPENSION came out with specially tuned suspension exclusively for drift car applications for the purpose of performing stunning drifts and is developed to specifically enhance drifting performance. With GAB SUSPENSION, the drifting controllability is being brought to a whole new level that outperforms others.

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